Final list of participating teams

1. Yellow Fever, CZE
2. Terrible Monkeys, CZE
3. Dream team, CZE
4. Atruc, CZE
5. Bye Ted, CZE
6. HammerTime, GER
7. Hallunken, GER
8. Beer Pressure, GB
9. LokStoli, AUT
10. P7, CZE
11. DJ Dahlem, GER
12. TBA (last minute cancellation, looking for replacement)


Saturday: continuous play, 21min, 1 timeout for 1 minute, not in the last 5 mins of the match, doesn’t stop the actual time; No cap, no draw; No halftime; 2 women all the time (Probably negotiable between the teams, but b/c of the continuous play you can’t change it throughout the game).
Sunday: classic game, 27 min, 1 timeout for 1 minute, not in the last 5 mins of the match, doesn’t stop the actual time; No cap, no draw; No halftime; 2 or 3 women on the line, offense choice.


There is new sleeping venue this year, which is much closer to the tournament site. Sleeping os arranged in Církevní gymnázium Plzeň, Mikulášské náměstí, Východní Předměstí, Pilsen.
Place will be available from Friday 6PM to Sunday 10AM.
On Friday you can arrive at any time during the night. If you arrive too late and the door is locked, please call +420 603 181 316 (Wlada) or +420 608 438 880 (Maru). You can park your cars in the streets around.
Precise schedule of opening hours on Saturday night will be posted in sleeping place.
There will be TWO sleeping gyms for teams, one ROOM dedicated to mothers with babies (let us know if you are interested!) and breakfast site. We are very happy to have this accommodation, so please respect the place.


Thank you for advancing TF. Players fee will be 15EUR (2 nights) 12EUR (1 night)


Will be served at sleeping place both on Saturday and Sunday.


There IS NOT organized dinner. Nevertheless there is a USE-IT map of many interesting tips where to eat in close neighborhood of PP (Party Place). We can help you to make reservation, just let us know what are you interested in.


As we are bringing back Yellow Submarine from dormant state we want to celebrate this in proper way. And what can be more proper for Yellow Fever than our true colours.
Party theme: Black & Yellow
Party will be in 21club.

Playing gym

As usual, TJ Lokomotiva Plzen, Uslavska street GPS coordinates: Latitude: E 49°44´20″ Longitude: N 13°23´50″

Other info

To save the environment, we will not provide water in plastic bottles. We ask the players to bring their own drinking bottles. The drinking water is available in the gym complex.
Please also bring your own cutlery and cups for the breakfast, the plastic ones shall be available only in limited quantity.

What to do in Pilsen when we are not playing ultimate?

USE-IT map can help you with that as well. There is a pool with sauna, next to playing gym, for scientists and geeks, maybe Techmania could be interesting. Or Pilsner brewery tour?

The previous winners

2015 canceled
2014 (20 teams)

1. BP (CZ)
2. Sesquipilstus (FR)
3. Mosquitos (AT)


We lost results probably.

2012 (24 teams)

1. Soul Gringos (AT)
2. Mosquitos (AT)
3. Drehst"n Deckel (DE)

2011 (17 teams)

1. Yellow Fever
2. Outsiterz (SK)
3. Velká Morava (CZ)

2010 (24 teams)

1. Soul Gringos (AT)
2. Terrible Monkeys (CZ)
3. Spirit on Lemon (PL)

2009 (24 teams)

1. Yellow Fever
2. Graz A-team (AT)
3. Terrible Monkeys (CZ)